Step 1: Fill in the google form by clicking on the link above.

a) Requestor's Email
b) Requestor's Name
c) Organizing Club (eg: Leo Club of ABC)
d) Date (Must be (14 days - Orientation, 21 days - L.E.O Workshop, 1 month - Proficiency Interview) after the session request submission)
**Please take note that Leo Orientation, L.E.O Workshop cannot be organized on the same day (eg: 13 Nov 2022, 10am Leo Orientation, 13 Nov 2022, 1pm L.E.O Workshop) - effective 1 December 2022
e) Time
f) Venue (eg: Centre/ School Name)
g) Region 
h) Estimated Number of Participants (at least 10 participants)
i) Level of Session (eg: Club-Level/ Region-Level/ District-Level)
j) CLD Session Type (eg: Orientation/ L.E.O Workshop/ Proficiency Interview)

** For online session request, please provide valid reasons why session not to be held physically in Venue section (eg: Zoom Online Meeting - reason), reason will be reviewed by the CLD Working Committees.

Step 2: Requestor will receive an email from CLD upon the google form submission.

Step 3: The request will go through the approval flow of the following:

a) Administration
b) Training & Education
c) Implementation
d) CLD Working Committee Chairperson

Step 4: The requestor will receive an email when the request has been processed and approved.  Then, the CLD Working Committee will include the session in the CLD Website where participants get to register for the session.

Pre-Session Procedures

Step 1: For all approved sessions, you will receive a confirmation email along with the registration link.  Please forward the registration link to all the targeted participants and ensure that they registered for the specific session 5 days before the session.

Step 2: The list of registered participants will be sent to the requestor for double checking of details (Address, Contact Number, MyLCI number, etc.) and correction of details if necessary.  Any changes had to be made 3 days before the session to ease the preparation of the session and no addition of participants are allowed.

Step 3: The confirmed list will be sent to the speaker for recording purposes during the session.

Post-Session Procedures

Leo Orientation

Step 1: After the end of the session for Leo Orientation, your speaker(s) will take your attendance based on the registration list.  Those who did not register will not be eligible for the session.

Step 2: Speaker for the respective session will upload the photos of the session as prove into the provided link.

Step 3: After all details have been confirmed by the speaker, the records will be processed within 3 - 5 days.

Step 4: The results will be announced via email, website and CLD's social media if all the information is complete.

Step 5: If there is any incorrect information, please email CLD

Post-Session Procedures (Results Processing)

The CLD Working Committee will immediately process the records after all information and requirements are completed in the list provided to the speaker of the session.

There are 2 case that speakers and participants need to take note of to prevent any delay of results processing with the actions that will be taken by the CLD working committee:

Case 1: Insufficient information provided to CLD

Case 2: Speaker did not take attendance/ submit require information

** Please allow at least 3 days time for the records to be processed provided if all information are complete.  Results will be announced via email (to recipients, speaker and regional DC Leo), CLD website and CLD social media platform (Facebook and Instagram).  Please inform CLD via in case of any incorrect data regarding the results published.